#3- Reconnect to Your Spirit & Strength Series


Bom Dia do Brasil, Hello beautiful people, good day from Brazil, this is Lou Corleto, you might not be able to see me because I’m probably silhouetted with the beautiful ocean in the back.

And I’m standing next to these beautiful vibrance plant species. And the reason I’m in this shot right now is that this morning, I had this great experience that I want to share with you. As you can see behind me, the ocean is gorgeous. And these waves were coming in. And I love body surfing. So body Surfing is just like surfing without the board, catching waves, and riding it in.

What was amazing is that some of these waves just looked fantastic. They were large and big, and they were starting to come forward with a size that would normally carry me right to the shore. But they had no substance. As soon as I paddled a few times, they just kind of melted past me.

And it just dawned on me how that’s a metaphor for life with people.

How many people do you know (maybe even yourself at times) I sure have, where you’re focused on the outward trappings and not the inner depth or the ‘substance’. Right. So I can catch small waves that have substance and they can take me to the shore, I can attempt to catch a large wave with no substance and go three inches- of the two I pick substance.

So where in your life can you quit focusing on the external facade and start going for substance? Because substance gives you depth, it gives you penetration, it gives you authenticity.

To get substance I support you to join me, May 13 to 16 for my TAO-LIVING RETREAT, where we are going to be all about substance, helping you tap into your authentic self. My core message is, ‘when you remember that you’re the driver and not the vehicle you can achieve anything you want in life’.

And so we’re going to work on your mindset, your psychology, your physiology, we’re going to do all kinds of tools to upgrade the strength of who you be.
So you tap into your substance and bring it to the world.

Until next time,
Abundant blessings


PS: If you’d like to learn even more about how your physicality and physiology affect your psychology, then join me at my upcoming retreat May 13-16, 2021. We’ll dive deep for four days, where you will be guided to bust through the barriers and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from the success and fulfillment you know you desire and deserve.

At The Art of Living Retreat, you will also learn and implement the power of:

Conscious Languaging
Conscious Breathing
Conscious Healing
Healing Sleep
Conscious Movement
Conscious Relationships
How to fuel your “vehicle”

Remember, you are the driver—not the vehicle. It’s time you remember that. Never again should you live at the whim of your external reality, when things are happening to you beyond your control.

I hope to see you there!




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