Change, The Universal Constant


Change, The Universal Constant

Well hello everyone.

So, yesterday I was in San Diego where it was, geese, 80 some-odd degrees and beautiful.  And now I'm home where the willow tree is blooming. The dogwoods are coming out and as you can see… it's snowing.

So this brought up the concept of change. How are you handling change?
(I love it. This is so surreal cool)

As it’s been said, “change is the universal constant” right.
Life shows up and it says ‘What's going on’? Take a breath.

I was just talking to a friend of mine and during the coaching session and we talked about the setbacks. Setbacks, it’s not if they happen, it's when they happen.

Life will show up in and lay you out periodically. How do you handle that?

We’re all imbued with the tools to process the changes in life. If we get attached to people, places, and things- then suffering ensues and we get stuck we don't move on.

And so the gift of life is actually squeezing us to help us change and move on. Like the metaphor of the piece of coal in the earth, the pressure takes the coal and turns it into diamond because of the pressure. If it resists, it just breaks and crumbles into carbon.

So how is life squeezing you? And what is it doing to assist you to become your diamond -your bright shiny self?

Take a breath. Have a beautiful day.

Enjoy the snow, at least from this place

Until next time…


Abundant Blessings

Lou Corleto, D.C., CHPC