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What's your buoyancy compensation device?


With this beautiful background, I thought I'd bring up the concept from physics called buoyancy, or upthrust.  Buoyancy is a principle of an upward force exerted by a fluid opposing the weight of an immersed object. That's why boats, you, and I float.

In scuba diving, you see the scuba divers that wear these vests, right? So when divers go down, after a certain depth, we become negatively buoyant, and we just keep sinking. So those vests allow us to put air in them to compensate for that which is why they are called buoyancy compensating devices.
Therefore, we can just hang out, wherever that is, 80 feet, 100 feet, and boom, just sit in neutral and hover in the water without any effort, no kicking, no swimming, just there. Because you're in a fluid. So without this, we're negatively buoyant, and we just keep sinking.

Let's take that concept out of physics and from scuba diving and into your life. Where do you have a buoyancy compensation device for you, so you don't get pulled...

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