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Reconnect to Your Spirit & Strength Series #2


I have an important question for you.

When did God die?

God, however you define that:  God, Goddess, The Divine, Universal Intelligence, Nature, Spirit, Mother Nature, the All, LOVE or Cookie Monster- That force that animates the LIVING world, however you define that.

When did God die and leave healing up to one profession?
I did NOT get the memo.

When did humanity give up its connection and trust in the power that animates the living world, that runs the universe?

The same power that's inside your body, causes trees to grow, and the planets to rotate around each other.  When did humanity choose 'man' and his little chemistry set over this innate power, when?

When do we give the authority to the CDC? Right, first of all, the Centers for Disease Control. That's all they do is focus on disease. Where's the Center for Health Expression?  Health & vitality expression?

Where's the Center for Health expression? That'd be nice. Right? The World Health...

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