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Conscious Breathing

What is the first thing every human being does on entering earth- inhale.
What is the last thing every human does before leaving earth- exhale.

In this course  Lou covers:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the respiratory process
  • The breathing mechanism- (mouth -nose-trachea-bronchi-bronchioles- alveoli)
  • Respiratory patterns and states of health
  • What our breathing patterns reveal about us (holding on or letting go)
  • Internal organ massage via deep breathing- healthier
  • Nerve system involvement
  • Cranial involvement and involvement in breathing
  • Fear, anxiety, and breath
  • And soooo much more...


Bonus module:
Lydie Ometto-yoga Instructor extraordinaire teaches:

  • energy circulation-nadis
  • pdf download of nadis
  • every 6 hours alternate nostil dominate like the tides
  • right side - male, sun day
  • left side- female, moon night

What People Are Saying:

“When Lou Corleto facilitates breath work you are in for a wild ride. He creates a safe environment for personal growth. The power of your own breath takes you where ever you need to heal in that moment. And it is so encouraging to know that Lou is there to support you in an earful and empowering healing process. ”

-Jacqueline Segura

“Each time I have done Breathwork with Lou Corleto it has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. It is difficult to put it into words, but I will do my best. Lou holds the space for everyone to be able to go deeply inward and connect to the greater consciousness of the universe at the same time. One of the most beautiful parts of the experience is that each participant controls the throttle and the brake. At all times I felt in control of how far I went. During the process, I was able to give voice to emotions that had been dormant in my subconscious for years. Rather than having these feelings in my field, altering my interaction with the world around me, they were integrated. As this integration occurred I felt an immense sense of connectedness and immensely grounded to the Earth. The work allowed me to perceive the true nature of the world; one of infinite love and infinite light. In the days that followed, I noticed a positive change in my relationships with friends and family. I have experienced a beautiful period of personal growth and transmutation. The breathwork was one of the primary catalysts to my process of awakening. ”

Nathan Gerowtiz