Unshackle yourself…

“None but ourselves can free our minds”- Bob Marley 

Hey Hupays, I just interviewed a good friend and master trainer. He is skilled in many things and freeing limiting beliefs from the unconscious mind is on his ‘specialty list’

We just finished going LIVE to my “Up-Level Your Life” members ((for 1hr 45 min) and I thought I’d share this short 7 min clip from the training with everyone else as well.  Click here to watch.

 When you are stuck, what do you do? Well, Ricardo teaches how to…

1) Uncover your blind spots
2) Unshackle Yourself
3) Mission Possible

Topics covered in this great session with Ricardo Gomez

***The conscious mind is the goal setter- the unconscious mind is the goal-getter.
***ALL change occurs at the unconscious level
***When your conscious mind and unconscious mind are integrated than your values and beliefs are aligned

Question to ask yourself:
What were the top 3 things that you told yourself that ‘stopped’ you?

Now that you have these listed, ask what has that cost you?
(time, money, heartache, business, peace of mind, relationships, etc)

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