“The whole world needs to hear your message”

THANK YOU DR. LOU! Thanks for reminding us that WE are in control of our health and that WE CAN live healthy, full, disease-free lives. The whole world needs to hear your message, and you’re making it more affordable than one month of my health insurance premiums! Can’t wait to consume your entire course!
Jeffrey H. Watts

“He will give you the tools and strength to take back your life.”

Dr. Lou Corleto changes lives. He’ll give you the tools and strength to take back your life both physically and mentally. Put traditional thinking aside and let Lou Corleto restore your well-being.
Joanna S

“I learned how to create a miracle in my life”

It’s been said that miracles happen all of the time. Today I learned how to create a miracle in my life and health and am applying that wisdom to all the areas of my life. ‘Let You be the creator of your life.’” Thank you Dr. Lou.
Paula Aries,
Bogotá Colombia

“I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to delegate my healing to various professionals, hoping they 
could “fix me” and stop my debilitating anxiety and insomnia. I suffered from physical challenges from a 
serious trauma a long time ago, and nothing that I did helped.

As an Institutional Money Manager I helped generate billions of dollars in profits for my clients. But I was 
burned out and broken from the chronic insomnia (serious long term lack of sleep), unresolved childhood 
trauma, and all of the medications I was taking to numb the pain; the physical, emotional and 
psychological pain. My spine was locked up and I had tight joints and muscles throughout my body from 
a previous badly fractured right ankle.

I felt like I couldn’t function at a high level anymore like I used to. Then I met Lou in Bali early this year by 
‘sheer accident’. I had gone for a breath work workshop, again looking for the next “thing” to help.

After just talking to him, for the first time in my life, I had hope. We had a friendly discussion while he assessed my body energy and physical condition like no one else before.

I jumped on the opportunity to work with him, and for the first time in decades, I had hope and relief. My mental, emotional and physical relief at the end of just a few days was enormous.

Lou delivered the skills and expertise in ‘one package’ that I wasn’t getting from 12 high level
 professionals, doctors & therapists. I now sleep through the night, I take no medications, my relationships 
and business are thriving, and I am truly comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life?.

The hope and energy that I haven’t felt
since being a young kid returned.

Ironically, a few weeks later I met the love of my life after being single and divorced for over ten years. I was not the same guy and various people in my life would stop me and say “what gives? You were a train wreck a few months ago and now your floating on air.” There are no coincidences.

My physical challenges from a serious trauma of long ago have effectively disappeared, including resolution of the deep standing childhood trauma. I am way more conscious of my intentions, choices, and decisions and my “story” is one of love, compassion, and the desire to take my gifts out into the world and help others. Amen Lou.”

Thomas O’Connor,
Institutional Money Manager

“I have done Breathwork with Lou Corleto twice and each time has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.

Lou holds the space for everyone to be able to go deeply inward and connect to the greater consciousness of the universe at the same time. One of the most beautiful parts of the experience is that each participant controls the throttle and the brake. At all times I felt in control of how far I went.

During the process I was able to give voice to emotions that had been dormant in my subconscious for years. Rather than having these feelings in my field, altering my interaction with the world around me, they were integrated. As this integration occurred I felt an immense sense of connectedness and immensely grounded to the Earth.

The work allowed me to perceive the true nature of the world; one of infinite love and light. In the days that followed I noticed a positive change in my relationships with friends and family.

Since I first did the breath work last January I have experience a beautiful period of personal growth and transmutation. Lou’s breath work was one of the primary catalysts to my
process of awakening.”

Dr. Nathan Gerowtiz

“I have plenty of experience in the personal development realm, and this retreat was unlike anything I’ve ever attended. Each day was like it’s own exciting, time-bending adventure. I confronted major fears that I had somehow avoided up to that point, and that fear became the perfect fuel for me to step into my power.

I am here differently now, 6 weeks later— I no longer accept that things “are the way they are”, or that I have to go through a long arduous struggle to arrive at what I desire.

I am receiving instantaneous change because I have accepted my power as a creator in my own life. Lou sets an example of how to be this. I am now more present to life’s intensity, match it with my own intensity, and I feel my power as a human being to influence my reality and circumstances.

Some concrete changes I’ve had are:

My life is getting better and better!

I own myself more, I am able to see my fears, judgements, and projections as the self-imposed limitations that they are and use them like a mirror to show me where to up-level next. None of this was conceptually new to me— but now it is *actually* happening because of the field that Lou holds for us and the unusual, yet simple and profound processes he shared with us. “

Chelsea Rae Verslues, D.C.
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Kevin Stucki | Big Wave surfer & Professional Paddlefit Coach

“There is no one on the planet who can deliver like Lou Corleto.”

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Bruce Wiley, JD, CPA

“He accepts you as your are, and your outrageous goals. He gets you there.”

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Dr. Sura Al-Shabib

“I feel more aligned to my truth and mission. Lou knows the path!”

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Dr. Sebastian Ewaldh, D.C.

“What he’s teaching can apply to any aspect of life. I highly recommend the work for anyone.”

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Bo Eason | Actor and Former NFL Player

“I was toughing it out… but Lou knew. He healed everything.”

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Diego’s Story | Chriopractor, Argentina

“4 months ago I was in a bed, couldn’t move anything. Now here I am moving with no surgery!”

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Endorsement Reel from Weeklong Retreat

“I’ve been in rooms with Oprah and Deepak… the week with Lou was completely transformational.”

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Jenny Grass D'Agostino

“Sharing about her daughter's changes from a spinal cord injury.”​

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