It took a body-breaking crisis
to reveal my purpose…

It is a beautiful, sunny afternoon in my sophomore year of college. My friend Wes asks me, “Hey, Lou, do you want to skip class, jump on the back of the bike, and take a ride to the beach?” I answer, “Of course!” I jump on the bike, and down the highway we go. The wind is blowing through my hair. I’m enjoying the scenery without  a care in the world—I’m not even driving. It’s a good day!

And then, as I’m perusing the view, I look forward and notice that a large car is about to turn in front of us. It does make the turn, but it does not make it in time…and we smash into the side of it.

I flip over the car, fly through the air (but not with the greatest of ease), and I come crashing to the pavement with such a force I think, “That’s it. I’m dead.” Immense pain surges through my body, but in this moment, I realize if I can feel this pain, I must be alive, and everything is okay….

But at that moment, the motorcycle lands on me with a crash.

The weight of this motorcycle pins me to the street. The heat of the engine started to burn my body.

This has not turned out to be a good day.

Fortunately, people saw what happened and are able to get the motorcycle off of me. I hear sirens; someone must have called 911. The ambulance pulls up, scrapes me off of the street, and slides me into the ambulance to whisk me off to the emergency room.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, they determine that I have fractured my pelvis and I have some pretty significant burns on the upper part of my body. They wheel me up into what’s going to be my home away from home for the next 10 days.

And while I’m lying there, I start
to ask those eternal questions:

Why am I here? Who am I? What is my life all about?

Because this sucks!

See, this wasn’t the first time I’d been busted up. Just two years prior to this incident I missed my high school graduation because I broke my neck in a car crash. Again, not my fault, as the lady turned in front of me.

One answer hit me like a lightning bolt that evening:

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option.”

I awoke from victim consciousness right then—
I AM responsible for everything that happens in my life!

No more excuses, No more blaming.

You see, up to this point, I had reinforced that it wasn’t “my fault,” that I wasn’t responsible. Both parties were given tickets for reckless driving, so I was able to continue in victim consciousness without even knowing I was doing it. Actually, I was BEING victim consciousness.

That decision to take full responsibility has led me to 30 years of serving tens of thousands of students and clients around the globe to take FULL ownership over their lives and to discover their gifts by “uncovering” who they really are underneath the victim consciousness.

When you see how your way of being determines your reality — “who you be, whatcha got, and whatcha going to do with it”…

…your entire reality changes, and anything becomes possible.

About me

Dr. Lou Corleto is an internationally recognized speaker, teacher, and healer. Lou has been studying the human “bodies” (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional), consciousness, and healing principles for 35+ years. He personally has served tens of thousands of people on all seven continents and in over 50 countries.

His work has assisted the paralyzed to walk, children with autism to heal, cancer resolve, and debilitating insomnia and anxiety give way to boundless energy and joy.

His work began as a chiropracTOR (spiritually centered service) and has expanded to include breathwork, conscious languaging, fire walking, skydiving, freediving, and certified high-performance coaching (to name a few of the many cutting-edge processes!). All in service to turning victim consciousness into victor consciousness.

He is President & CEO of AdJustWorld, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization providing aid to communities in need across the globe: Lou and his teams have served over a quarter of a million people in places like Tibet, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Argentina, and beyond.

Lou’s book, Healing vs Curing: Opening the Door to a New Lease on Life, Your Life!, radically upends the current western worldview on health and healthcare, and offers new solutions to take control of your own full-spectrum well-being.

He also owns the Center for Life Expression, a sanctuary for personal transformation in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Lou’s mission is to assist people to embrace the fact that they are the “driver” and NOT their vehicle (they are spirit and not just their body) so they walk their life in trust.









I’m here to fight for your dreams as a committed, fiercely
loving co-creator of real-deal transformations.

VIVID Vision

The people in my world are way showers here to support each individual to be fully empowered to create their own health, happiness, and fulfillment from the inside out so that as a collective we can ultimately leave behind fear-based hierarchies and systems.

We’re here to lay new foundations of integrity across all humanity’s institutions that honors and respects all sentient beings and the earth we inhabit.

This requires the reactivation of the human spirit, aiding people in removing the amnesia of forgetting who they were when they entered into this plane.

This journey begins by awakening people from their first breath onward throughout life, (instead of slowly dulling us into sleep and dis-ease).

When we do this, we generate reverence for the mission and are revered by the people we serve because of the work we’ve had to do to become the people who can show up in this role of service.