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Bust through the barriers and limiting beliefs preventing you from attaining the success and fulfillment you know you desire and deserve.

What happens when you remove all barriers and use your power to create your world? A true masterpiece…

Learn how to deeply care for your body and heal with breath.


Truly restorative sleep is essential for your body to self-heal. Learn how to experience deep rest every night in this course.

Identify your limiting beliefs and turn them around to serve your highest choices.

Stress is the #1 cause of disease…but you don’t have to suffer from it.


Life By


Life By Design

This is an intimate, life-changing experience that will hold you accountable to your next level of living.
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TAO Living

4-Day Immersion

TAO Living
4-Day Retreat

Join Lou on his 92-acre healing sanctuary in the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest. Fully immersive and boundary testing, this experience will guide you to break through limiting beliefs and barriers with an intimate group.
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Speaking From

Your Authentic Voice

Speaking From Your Authentic Voice

This in-person, three-day event in Lou’s studio helps you connect to your true essence and to cultivate the courage to speak your truth.
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Destination Retreats

Join Dr. Lou for immersive experiences at exotic locations like a Caribbean catamaran interacting with wild dolphins. Each event provides the support to address barriers that no longer serve you and empowers you to remember your true being.
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Teaching & Consulting

Bring Dr. Lou in for a seminar or consultation for your company.

This high-end year-long (12-month) mentorship program is available by application and invite-only.

Teaching & Consulting

Bring Dr. Lou in for a seminar or consultation for your company.

The TAO Living Mentorship

This high-end, year-long Mentorship Program is available by application and invite only.

12-WEEK 1-ON-1



Let’s get REAL.

One-on-one coaching is the most expedited, thorough path to access all of Lou’s coaching and training expertise. This package supports you to heighten and sustain levels of Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. It includes:

*** Custom Coaching Packages ***

Complete your “Life Assessment” and schedule a call with me to get started. We can create a custom coaching package based on your timeline and goals.

VIP Intensive

The Ultimate Deep Dive

In one week of daily trainings in person with Dr. Lou, you’ll uncover every block and set a completely new course (and a new reality) for your life—one that you create.

You are hiring Lou to bring everything he’s got (and that’s a LOT). He’ll work with you multiple times a day to achieve the most exponential growth, healing, and transformation imaginable.

This is Lou’s most exclusive and high-end offering. Learn more about what’s included and the results you can expect by filling out a six-question assessment and discussing it with Lou on a follow-up call.

“Some of the most life transforming and hands-on-skill transforming moments I’ve experienced thus far have been attributed to working directly with this man.”
Kevin Zelaya