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The most devastating virus- the mind virus

fear mindvirfu virus Mar 27, 2020

Virus Anxiety and Fear

What Fear Does to Our Bodies, Mind, and Spirit

How many of you had plans for this summer? Are you still doing them? Have you overcome the fear?

There's a virus out there killing dreams and plans, but it's not the Coronavirus. It's a Mind Virus, something so insidious and dangerous that it can destroy us faster than a physical illness.

It happens in many different situations. We just see it more today because of the fear and panic highlighted in every news program every day!

It can happen because of something personal, like cancer. It can happen when we face the death of a loved one. It can happen because of many different things, particularly the unknown.

 Fear – What's Happening In Your Body Right Now Because of this Mind Virus

It's a primordial response. The most fundamental part of our brain, commonly called The Reptilian hindbrain, recognizes fear and pleasure. This part of our brain has the sole purpose of keeping us alive.

Have you ever felt...

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Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners – What You’re Actually Supposed To Do?

 Beginner meditation books and articles tell you all about the grand results you have doing their type of meditation: the clarity, the patience, and the fantastic transformative experiences.

 But it takes work to get there. You don't get results right away, and if you're not practicing the right type of meditation, it can be frustrating and might seem downright impossible.

 Types of Meditation

 There are three basic types of meditation:




 Stilling meditation is Zen. The goal is to calm the mind and bring many of the random thoughts to a stop. It's a necessary step to bring clarity.

 Insight meditation is a focus on a specific thought and seeing what the mind brings up concerning that...

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Meditation for Busy People – How To Meditate in Five Minutes

5-minute meditation Feb 17, 2020

Successful meditation in five minutes seems like an oxymoron – especially when the world tells you sitting for 30 minutes is the only way to achieve peace.

 But, if sitting 30-minutes in a lotus position takes too much time, or is just too boring (or too painful), I’m telling you doing a 5-minute meditation for busy people is okay. And it might be better in the long-run.

 It’s Okay to Meditate for Five Minutes

 Whether you just turned to meditation or been practicing for some time, you’ll find yourself pressed for time occasionally. Doing several five-minute meditations can benefit you more than carving out 30 minutes – both mentally and physically.

 Firefighters and EMTs are a prime example of this. Some organizations look at the benefits of quick meditation on the responder’s ability to concentrate, change focus, and remain collected in times of stress.

 Although they know meditation reduces their stress, the problem...

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hello from Bali

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2019

Hello beautiful people,
I came across this beautiful Lotus flower on my walk this am.

Being in this amazing natural environment in Bali made me think of the presentation my last guest speaker gave on the Niyamas.  Are you familiar with them?
They are part of the 8 limbs of ancient yoga.

In essence, they deal with 'purifying' the body, mind, and spirit.

I thought I'd share a short 7 min clip of the complete 1-hour long class that was given for my Up-Level Your Life members.  Click the video below and... Enjoy

If you'd like to participate in these Live webcasts 2 times per month, click here for more details on how to Up-Level Your Life.

Here to support you in your GREATNESS!

Abundant Blessings,
Lou Corleto, D.C., CHPC

Speaker, High Performance Coach,
Author, Facilitator
[email protected]

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Change Your Environment


"If your circle (environment) doesn't challenge you to grow beyond your comfort zone, then you are definitely in the wrong circle". -Edmond Mbiaka

topics covered in this post:

Author Benjamin Hardy- 'why willpower doesn't work'

  • change your life change your environment
  • external & internal
  • people
  • material items
  • nature
  • trapping of promoting?
  • if not growing your dying
  • Thoughts -> Beliefs-> actions-> results
  • take inventory: what do you need to release from your environment
                                what do you need to add to?


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Walk Your Life in Trust


Topics covered in this blog post:

  • What would take for you to Walk Your Life in Trust?
  • What are your core values?
  • How does awareness in present time consciousness play into Walking your Life in Trust?
  • Difference between Health Insurance and Health Assurance.
  • Do you have the discernment to the level of the people mentioned in this video? 
  • Where in your Life can you UpLevel your Trust? relationships, wellbeing, business dealings, community interaction, etc.
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beliefs Dec 16, 2018

Beliefs are the programs that create patterns, both in our bodies and in our lives,  and our reality.

Covered in this post:

  • Olympic Gold medalist told 'should never participate in sports'
  • Told you do not have the capacity to heal 'thyself' 
  • A Belief is something you agree to...
  • Breath-hold for 22 min (yes 22 min!)
  • Recommend book- 'Shaving the inside of Your Skull'


Dolphins retreat details click here

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The Longest Journey

  • The Longest Journey
  • how did life 'squeeze' you?
  • the headless monk
  • Butterfly totem- transformation

What do you need to do to stay present- to FEEL- versus running away when things get tough?
To avoid running back into your head versus staying in your heart?


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Emotional Mastery

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2018

In this Interview with Dr. Joan Rosenberg, world-renowned psychologist, she shares a simple and effective method for managing your most difficult feelings and building the emotional strength you need to create the life of your dreams.

Joan also covers what she sees as the 8 unpleasant feelings we experience-Sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, embarrassment, disappointment, frustration, and vulnerability. In 30 years as a practicing psychologist, Dr. Joan Rosenberg has found that what most often blocks people from success and feeling capable in life is the inability to experience, move through, and handle these 8 unpleasant feelings.

Knowing how to deal with intense, overwhelming, or uncomfortable feelings is essential to building confidence, emotional strength, and resilience. Yet when we distract or disconnect from these feelings, we move away from confidence, health, and our desired pursuits, ultimately undermining our ability to fully realize...

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brasil mission 2018 Oct 08, 2018

Show up fully in your life.

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