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The Longest Journey

  • The Longest Journey
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  • Butterfly totem- transformation

What do you need to do to stay present- to FEEL- versus running away when things get tough?
To avoid running back into your head versus staying in your heart?


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Emotional Mastery

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2018

In this Interview with Dr. Joan Rosenberg, world-renowned psychologist, she shares a simple and effective method for managing your most difficult feelings and building the emotional strength you need to create the life of your dreams.

Joan also covers what she sees as the 8 unpleasant feelings we experience-Sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, embarrassment, disappointment, frustration, and vulnerability. In 30 years as a practicing psychologist, Dr. Joan Rosenberg has found that what most often blocks people from success and feeling capable in life is the inability to experience, move through, and handle these 8 unpleasant feelings.

Knowing how to deal with intense, overwhelming, or uncomfortable feelings is essential to building confidence, emotional strength, and resilience. Yet when we distract or disconnect from these feelings, we move away from confidence, health, and our desired pursuits, ultimately undermining our ability to fully realize...

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brasil mission 2018 Oct 08, 2018

Show up fully in your life.

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Why Do The Work?

why do the work? Aug 20, 2018

Some items covered in this blog post:

  • How vision really works - neurologically
  • vision = sensation + conception
  • perception is the result of  the choices you make of conception and sensation AND that's affected by the filters of our life experiences
  • T+F+A=R  (thoughts --> feelings --> --> actions = results

If you are desiring different results in your life, different outcomes, then you MUST do the work.

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Friday 13th, superstitions?

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2018
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Pilgrims Had The Mental Toughness

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2018

Pilgrims Had The Mental Toughness

I just finished my walk in the park and had this ‘thot’, so I thought I'd pop on and say hello and share the thought and see if it serves.

So in 1620, the Pilgrims had the mental toughness to get on a ship and sail across the big pond to make that journey to start a new life -- 1620. It took a lot of guts.

Last year I took a ship and sailed from Patagonia to Antarctica across the Drakes passage, man, what an intense incredible journey. 25 foot swells- that that ship was rocking and that was a modern ship I couldn’t even imagine that journey in 1620.

So my high-performance question to you is “What habit, action or behavior If you had the guts to employ it would be the biggest impact on your blank”? (you fill in the blank)

The biggest impact on your life- Your business- success - relationships, your well-being, whatever that maybe?

So if you have the guts, share below.

Until next time…

Abundant blessings


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Change, The Universal Constant


Change, The Universal Constant

Well hello everyone.

So, yesterday I was in San Diego where it was, geese, 80 some-odd degrees and beautiful.  And now I'm home where the willow tree is blooming. The dogwoods are coming out and as you can see… it's snowing.

So this brought up the concept of change. How are you handling change?
(I love it. This is so surreal cool)

As it’s been said, “change is the universal constant” right.
Life shows up and it says ‘What's going on’? Take a breath.

I was just talking to a friend of mine and during the coaching session and we talked about the setbacks. Setbacks, it’s not if they happen, it's when they happen.

Life will show up in and lay you out periodically. How do you handle that?

We’re all imbued with the tools to process the changes in life. If we get attached to people, places, and things- then suffering ensues and we get stuck we don't move on.

And so the gift of life is actually squeezing us...

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The Evidence Box

blog the evidence box Apr 03, 2018

The Evidence Box

Lou Corleto, here on a Saturday evening- I just got home from finishing day two of my event that I'm sharing, teaching with amazing people that are attending. It is called 'Speaking from Your Authentic Voice'.

it's a deep dive process for discovering ‘who we be’ and how to articulate that in our communications at a professional level.

So, it is an amazing process. And I thought I'd share this nugget because I was sharing it as a support structure for the folks in the presentations this weekend (tonight) and it came across so powerfully that I thought I’d share this little nugget with you beautiful people.

If it serves great, if not, hit delete as usual.

So I just got back home, before I decompress, and do a little fire in the fire pit tonight- I thought I’d step out say hi and share.

So this is what I call “The Evidence Box”.

I learned this technique many, many years ago and it has served me and still serves me. It really served...

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The Greatest Good you can do...


Hello beautiful people…

Lou Corleto here and I’m super excited to take off tomorrow for annual retreat Swimming with Wild Dolphins. We have an amazing group coming from all over the world. Literally; Germany, Australia, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Italy, all over the states. California, Massachusetts, Atlanta, New York, (a ton from New York) and a couple from Tennessee believe it or not.

 So yeah anyway, I’m really stoked for that. And while I was prepping for that, I came across his beautiful thought that I love from Benjamin Disraeli which says “the greatest good you can do for another is to not to share your riches, but to reveal to him or her their own”.

 So that's a thought for today. How can you inspire somebody when a friend or family member, a lover, a colleague or coworker to reveal to them their riches and their riches, however you define that, their heart, their intellect, their humor, their craziness, their wildness, their love of...

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What is your 'When Story'?


Hello, beautiful people...

Lou Corleto again with another round of High Performance tips.

 Today’s concept, I just had a coaching client and we got into the concept of your 'When Story'.

What is your When Story? What I mean by that is...

"I'll do that when I do that when I write a book"

"I'll do that when I make more money"

"I'll do that when I retire"

"I'll do that when the kids leave the house"

"I’ll do that when I find my soulmate"

 I'll do that when.. when... when...

What is your When Story?

We all have them, some are still playing out in your life. I have many that played out in my life. And 'When Stories' delay our life expression, either temporarily or permanently.

So take a moment to reflect on what 'When Story' you might have running in your head. That story that we lie to ourselves to stop us from stepping forward to the fullness of our life expression - your next level if you will.

As the great Les Brown says "you don't have to be great to get started...

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