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Playing Small


Take a breath. And let me ask you this question...

How does it serve you by playing small?

Yeah, I know that's an in-your-face kind of question right off the bat. So let me repeat it. How does it serve you by playing small.

I know it served me in the way that if I didn't play big, I couldn't fail. That was an easy out. And that seems to be a pattern with a lot of people that I work with as well.
We can't fail if we don't go big.

This leads us to living a life of mediocrity- of living a life of so-called 'safety and security'. So we do enough just to be good, but not strive for excellence, not to go for that greatness. But that's not who you are. And that's not what you're made of. So how does that play out for most people?

Well, they take jobs that don't fulfill them, they keep a job for insurance, they marry for money, or they marry because their family wants them to, instead of finding that soulmate, that true love that, that inspires them for everything that they stand for,...

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