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Magic? or delusion?


Magic? or delusion?

Let's start with A little magic, a little entertainment, mixed with a public service announcement. Why the public service announcement? Well because it's information that could serve you. As my teacher used to implore me "think dammit think".

So I ask you, who's writing your script? You? or something or someone else?
How do you show up in the world? How do you think? How do you behave?  

And by no means am I here to get you to come to think any certain way- except to think.

Now, I'm gonna start off with a simple rope trick. So I start out with that because magic is really just sleight of hand or illusion. I'm just a guy with a rope and a clean intent. But what if, just what if, I had unlimited financial funds, control over the world's media, the medical profession, the major institutions of the world like the CDC and the FDA, and The WHO? 

What if and I had a mal-intent? Who could I trick then? Just asking right?

So enough of my rope. No...

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