Magic? or delusion?


Let’s start with A little magic, a little entertainment, mixed with a public service announcement. Why the public service announcement? Well because it’s information that could serve you. As my teacher used to implore me “think dammit think”.

So I ask you, who’s writing your script? You? or something or someone else?
How do you show up in the world? How do you think? How do you behave?  

And by no means am I here to get you to come to think any certain way- except to think.

Now, I’m gonna start off with a simple rope trick. So I start out with that because magic is really just sleight of hand or illusion. I’m just a guy with a rope and a clean intent. But what if, just what if, I had unlimited financial funds, control over the world’s media, the medical profession, the major institutions of the world like the CDC and the FDA, and The WHO? 

What if and I had a mal-intent? Who could I trick then? Just asking right?

So enough of my rope. No tricks, just facts from here on out. And you get to decide. And you get to think for yourself. Let’s start with the EUA. EUA stands for emergency use authorization. And so it’s been given to masks and it’s been given to vaccines.

Funny enough back to the sleight of hand thing. If you look at the actual policy written under the EUA for masks specifically, it states that “they cannot state that the use of a mask prevents or reduces the transmission of a virus right there under the EUA” yet it’s mandated that we all wear it in order to protect one another. So that sleight of hand, saying one thing doing something else, right?

Also, the federal government cannot tell us what to do with their bodies. Legally!
This is a legal process, even though the executive branch is attempting to do so. That is like a king and that’s called tyranny. So that’s illegal. And it’s time for us to take the power back of the people. Remember the government for the people, not the government controlling the people. So health, welfare, health, wellness, and welfare are under state and local law. It’s called ‘police power’, which is the legal term for the state and local governing of health, safety, and welfare.  

What about the fully vaccinated. right now there are over 10,000 people, the  ‘breakthrough cases’. Breakthrough cases are people that are fully vaccinated, yet still test positive for COVID, get sick, and die. That’s 10,000 reported hospitalized and die, fully vaccinated people.  ” Oh, but it’s been ‘proven to be safe and effective’, right? So let’s go there. This is another sleight of hand. Here’s the deal, if these vaccines were proven safe and effective, the FDA would have approved them, right. Another sleight of hand. not cool.

The Yankees not too long ago had to cancel some games because some of their fully vaccinated players tested positive for COVID. A couple of concerts were being put on for completely vaccinated people “only”… CONCERTS talking about medical discrimination??.

 Oh and some of them, Ha, Yes, had to be canceled, because some people in the organization who were fully vaccinated, also tested positive. 

The FDA decrees that the BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine under the EEA should remain unlicensed,  which means it’s not proven safe and effective, but can be used interchangeably with the newly licensed product. The FDA is acknowledging in its approval letter that there are insufficient stocks of this licensed vaccine. But an abundant supply of the EUA Pfizer vaccine exposes the approval of a cynical scheme to encourage businesses and schools to impose illegal jabs and mandates, sleight of hand people sleight of hand.

Since World War Two, there was this thing around the world called the Nuremberg Code, that human beings would no longer be subjected to medical experimentation without their consent, right?

Remember when I said I’m just a guy with a rope and a good intent? What if I had all the funds and control over the media? Who can I trick then?
Think dammit, think.  Who’s writing your script? Oh, remember safe and effective as of last week. 15,000 people have died after taking the vaccine. Healthy people have died from the vaccine. over 700,000 people are injured. This according to Harvard studies, is less than 10% of reporting. I’m talking adolescent athletes, heart-stopping and blood clots, all kinds of craziness after the vaccines. 

 You can decide whatever you want to do with your life as we all should. That’s great. And if you’re afraid of what’s going on, just ask yourself this question.
 When did God die (however you define that) and leave healing up to the government? or man in this chemistry set?

ALL sentient beings have the ability to heal themselves, period.
Remember who you BE!

Abundant blessings, 




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