None but ourselves can free our minds


Bob Marley, reminds us in his ‘Redemption Song’, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds”.
This episode is all about reclaiming your power.

The following was shared with me and now I share with you, unfortunately the author is unknown to me so I am unable to give credit.
“This is your reminder that if you still have not caved to the powers that be. you’ve just survived the greatest psyop in human history, a plan that has been in the works for decades.

Do you realize how much time, resources, money & effort they put into this? They studied every possible way to manipulate, brainwash and coerce you. They tried to demoralize you by corrupting society from every possible corner. They tried to vilify you, desensitize you, scare you, guilt you, and shame you. They tried to lure you with money, gifts, and rewards. They tried to confuse you and make you question your reality and even your sanity at times. They tried to get you to abandon your own principles, values, morals, and ethics. They even turned those close to you against you.

Almost everyone fell for it. But not you. So just sit back for a moment and realize how much you’ve weathered over these past 20 months. Yet you never gave in! You stood your ground against all odds. And not only did you not drop to your knees, you rose like a Phoenix in the night and stepped fully and completely into your power. WELL DONE”

The right words can have an impact on how we perceive everything. A word or two can make a difference in our perceptions of ourselves. I think it’s high time we changed our perception about ourselves by changing our language about ourselves. Listen now and take a ride with me.

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