01: Intro to TAO-Living Podcast

Welcome to TAO-Living, The Art Of Living podcast with your host Lou Corleto where are you will be supported to remember that you are the driver and not the vehicle so that you can walk your life in TRUST.

This podcast has a two-fold, name, or expression. the first is from the Taoist philosophy-meaning “the way of conscious living”, and it’s also an acronym –T.A.O. representing The Art Of -Living.

This podcast is to assist everybody, who chooses to engage, with the tools necessary for living a conscious life.  To assist YOU to remember who YOU BE.

To help you RE-MEMBER that you are the driver and not the vehicle. That you are the spirit not the body, the intelligence not the material. And as you embrace this fact, you will have the keys to walk your life in TRUST.

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