30: Your Next Step with Jeffrey Van Dyk

Jeffrey Van Dyk is the founder of The Courageous Messenger, which helps trailblazers, visionaries, and change makers bring their paradigm shifting work to the world. Jeffrey is known for helping his clients connect to their higher guidance to understand their larger mission and the why behind their work.
His pioneering work with core wounds helps leaders strategically use their life’s biggest challenges to create more effective, engaging messaging and marketing that connects deeply with their audience.

Jeffrey was a two-time president of the International Coach Federation chapter in San Francisco. His global work has included co-founding True Purpose Israel and working with business and political leaders in Colombia to heal the wounds of the country.

While at Microsoft, Jeffrey designed speaker training systems, working directly with global leaders such as Peter Jennings, Bill Gates, former French President, Jacque Chirac, and former Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon.

Jeffrey can be reached at www.TheCourageousMessenger.com

Also, tune into Jeffrey’s Podcast at https://thecourageousmessenger.com/podcast/jvd-show/ 

In Your Next Step… we address
* How to activate a new story for humanity
* If you have a calling, you have the capacity to answer it
* See the big vision and then look at your feet-what is the next step?
* All inspired ideas have a life force to them
* Are you a full-time partner or part-time lover?
* Do you stay plugged into the calling or feed your own doubts, fears and insecurities?
* Your own authority and the degree to which you trust yourself.

Jeffrey also shares key ideas on packaging your ‘message’.

Who is this for?
What ‘state’ are they in?
What is the problem they’re facing?
Who needs this?
Meeting them where they are.

The promise- what’s possible for them if they engage?

And a little advanced messaging…
shared mission
WE vs I