47: Do you have a Vision or a fantasy?

Buckle up because I’m going to get lovingly real with you. Let me start with a 30,000-foot view question.
Do you have a Vision/Dream or a fantasy? 

Let’s unpack this. What I mean by that is not a daydream or a wish. But a real, heartfelt soul-driven dream, a vision, even a vision for your life, a vision for your relationship, your business, your health. 

Once you distinguish the answer to that question, let’s just look at your actions. If your actions are inconsistent, if your actions are allowed to distract you, then it’s a fantasy. That is something you hoped for. It’s something you wished for, it’s something you want. But it’s not something you’re fully committed to. 

When you have a dream/ a vision, the commitment, real commitment has to be the path. 

Now let’s look at the word decision, as we break it down from etymology, it means to cut off. 

When we make a decision, we cut off all the other options. Take inventory of where you’re allowing excuses and distractions, and where you’re tolerating things that take you away from that vision, your dream. And this is the entire spectrum. What stories do you keep running in your life that pulls you away from your dream/vision?

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