Handling the obstacles of life with Kristian Hval

In this compelling episode, Kristian Hval joins us as we explore the importance of drawing upon [viewing] life experiences as opportunities, instead of obstacles. 

Kristian is a transformational coach who shares his profound journey from a tumultuous past to becoming a calm and confident leader in his community.

Kristian’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of self-discovery and healing.

Join us as we discuss … 

  • The pivotal role of a spiritual connection in overcoming deep wounds.

  • Kristian discusses the challenges and transformations that led him to a place of calm confidence, standing as a willing leader in his community.

  • Understanding that life is a balancing act …

  • Shifting from victimhood consciousness to understanding that life is happening for you, not to you. 

  • Finding peace with life’s fluctuations, whether in moments of suffering or joy. 

  • Looking at life’s obstacles as hidden gifts just waiting to be unpacked.

  • Embracing vulnerability as strength.

  • Kristian outlines his coaching approach, rooted in Taoist principles of integrating opposites and finding balance.

  • Exploring the profound impact of realizing your responsibility for your life.

This episode will leave you with a sense of hope and resilience, and offer you an invitation to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and healing.

Kristian offers coaching rooted in Taoist principles of integrating opposites and finding balance. It was a great pleasure to speak with him! Stay connected with him here: www.moderntaocoaching.com/

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Thanks for tuning in!

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