How Can You Benefit from Spring Cleaning?

Who is ready to refresh their life?!

Let’s talk about spring cleaning not just your physical house but also your inner home – your body, mind, and soul.

We can learn a lot from faith traditions, traditional cultures, nature, and the cycles of seasons as we do a life clean-up.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What can be done to spring clean the body, mind, and spirit

  • The principles behind renewal and cleansing

  • Fasting, silence, and austerities which bring huge results

  • Specific suggestions for body cleanses and detoxing

  • Methods for clearing the mind

  • Ways to renew your spirit, any time of the year

I love this stuff. 

This is only one important aspect of what “Tao Living” is all about and what I take a stand for.

This can be a lifestyle, where you regularly clear and cleanse everything getting in your way of fully living your potential.

Standing for your greatness!

Abundant Blessings,