The Eight Limbs of Yoga with Lydie Ometto

I am blessed to share with you an amazing guest on the TAO-Living Podcast – Lydie Ometto.

Lydie comes to us with incredible gifts, talents, and wisdom. She has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and in Chinese Medicine. She is a certified Massage Therapist, a Yoga Teacher Trainer, Yoga Teacher Instructor Trainer, Certified in Iridology and Kinesiology, and much more. 

Lydie also brings to us her innate gifts: deep intuition, energetic awareness, clairaudience, clairsentience – she’s a multi-talented woman!

Our conversation is about the art, science, and philosophy of yoga.

Many people think that the essence of yoga is that it is a tool for physical health and that is all it is. However, in reality the asanas (yoga poses and postures) are only one aspect of what yoga really is. 

Lydie helps us understand the goal of yoga, the many types of yoga, and how to apply yoga principles to your life.

We explore:

  • How asana postures were originally intended to enhance sitting in meditation

  • What yoga has in common with martial arts

  • The power of pranayama, lifeforce connection

  • Reconnecting to and remembering who we are as spirit

  • Mantra yoga and how sound can create healing

  • Seva or karma yoga: connecting to the divine through service

  • How to start living the principles of yoga from wherever you are on the path

  • How we treat our own selves, how we treat others, and how we allow others to treat us

  • How the individual affects the collective vibrationally and vice versa

And much more!

It was so fun to have Lydie on the podcast because 1) she is my life partner and I’m so grateful to share her insights with the listening audience…

…And also 2) so you could see who joins me in facilitating The Art of Living Immersion!

We are looking forward to welcoming an intimate group of 20 people to our property here in Tennessee, USA for 4 days of healing, transforming, and shining in your spirit. October 12 – 15, 2023.

We are blessed to be caretakers of over 92 acres of amazing forests at the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee. That’s where our sacred gathering will be.

So if you’d like to create more abundance, power, joy, creativity, and self-expression in your life – be 1 of the 20 and come play with us. 

We will help you move through what you haven’t been able to grow, heal and evolve from as of yet.

Here is Lydie’s free ebook for you! The Top Ten Yoga Mudras by Lydie Ometto combined with Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

And please find Lydie’s offerings here: 

Thank you for tuning in!