The Joy-Filled Practice with Dr. Jodi Dinnerman

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I am really stoked to have a dear friend, colleague, and mentor, Dr. Jodi Dinnerman joining me today, so we can unpack the magic that she is currently bringing.

Dr. Jodi has a depth in life, is a high level healing practitioner, a Chiropractor, a coach and mentor to 10s of 1000s, and her current drive is teaching people how to have a Joy-Filled Practice. 

Jodi’s wisdom is for any type of practitioner who’s in service to humanity. 

How do you up your game, so it’s a win win?

How do you show up in the thing that you love, bathing in the love of the thing that you love – and share with others?

How can that joy ripple through the entirety of your life?

In this fun-filled episode Dr. Jodi and I explore:

  • What Dr. Jodi saw in wellness practitioners that shocked her and started the Joy-Filled Practice revolution 

  • How to revisit the parts of our practice that don’t feel joyful anymore

  • How to “do you”, how it’s ok, AND how to uplevel when you’re ready

  • The key indicator that tells you how to start sparking joy in your practice

  • How to relate to your addictions so you can move forward on your own timing

  • Jumping out of bed because you can’t wait to see what’s next in your life

  • The beauty of a simple streamlined practice


What a true joy to have this conversation and share it with YOU.

Check out all that Dr. Jodi Dinnerman has to offer here: 

And, stay tuned for the release of Conscious Languaging 101: The Fundamentals and Conscious Languaging 201: The Awakening Process!

Let me know what’s happening for you after listening to this episode!

Abundant Blessings,