The “Someday” Lie

This episode was inspired by a friend’s recent post. Yesterday he tagged me in his post on social media, and it brought up so much for me that I’m going to unpack this idea right now.

So, a couple years ago, I was blessed to fulfill one of my dreams, which was to go to Egypt and experience the last standing ancient wonders of the world – The Great Pyramids. 

And I did! Not only did I see them, I also was able to go into them, into the inner chambers…

I went to the Sphinx on camelback. I went down the Nile River in a boat. 

And even on top of that, I was part of history in the making by being a part of the first group of skydivers granted permission to jump out of a military aircraft at 13,500 feet and skydive and land right next to the pyramids, before we went inside. Just mind boggling and incredible. 

And while I was there, I went scuba diving in the Red Sea. An epic adventure.

So when I returned from that trip, I happened to visit my friend. He saw that I went and told me that a trip to Egypt was on his list, that “one day” he was going to go.

I was encouraging him, “Hey, man, don’t make it ‘one day’. Make it happen.” 

Meaning put energy into it. Don’t do it like I have done too many times in the past and the way too many people do now – which is telling ourselves the “someday lie” and the “one day lie”.

“Someday.” “One day.” I’ll…

Open up a calendar and show me where “someday” exists! It doesn’t.

Listen to this episode to overcome ‘The Someday Lie’, REALIZE your dreams, and start living your TRUTH.

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