Unshackle Yourself with Ricardo Gomez


I’m thrilled to share this conversation I had with an amazing human, friend, and teacher – Ricardo Gomez.

Ricardo has had quite the journey from high-end stylist in Paris to creating an 8-figure business, to being on the Fortune 500 list in 2009, then dedicating himself to coaching business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

Ricardo guides his clients through his transformative Success Accelerator Program, empowering them to conquer challenges with newfound confidence.

In our deep and insightful exchange, we explore: 

  • The night Ricardo, at age 18, realized he needed a dream to live for

  • Lessons from the bumblebee’s mindset

  • The first step in breaking free from lack and limitations

  • How to recognize when you’re not coming from your authentic self

  • Ricardo’s 3-step process for approaching goals

  • Exactly how to challenge and let go of your limiting beliefs

  • A mindset hack to help you get out of your comfort zone

And so much more. Ricardo’s story, life, and mission are not something to miss. 

So glad I can bring this to you today.

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Thank you for tuning in!

Abundnat Blessings
Lou Corleto