The Power of Language


Hello beautiful people, Lou Corleto here with a few inspired thoughts that occurred from some experiences over the past couple of days. 

Specifically, the ‘power of language‘ for influence; influencing ourselves right? For or against, and influencing others, again for or against. The power of language.

So yesterday, I was at a local university, an institution of higher learning. And the young gentleman who’s matriculated at the university was helping me and I asked him for a pen. And he turned around and started looking for the pen as he apparently forgot where you put it.

But listen to his dialogue. “Oh, stupid me, where did they put the pen? Stupid me”.

And then later in the conversation, I asked him a question. And he said, “Well, I don’t know anything about that. I’m a biology major. That’s all I really know. And I don’t know anything about chemistry. And I don’t know anything about this and this, etc”.

Listen to his use of the ‘power of language‘ against himself; dummy, stupid, I’m not smart. I don’t know those things. All of that is language to tear himself down. Quite frankly, it’s self-abuse. And he doesn’t even know he’s doing it.

Now, you might have heard this adage before, that if I spoke to you, the way you speak to yourself, in those quiet moments, you would hate me. Let me repeat that. If I spoke to you, the way you speak to yourself, in those quiet moments, you would hate me. The concept is, many of us have really bad negative chatter in our craniums. So that’s the power of language, but against ourselves.

Marketing uses the ‘power of language’ for influence and persuasion. I mean, there’s an entire psychological field about marketing persuasion. And they’ll use things like scarcity and urgency. FOMO, the fear of missing out, that gets us, people, to take action to buy their products or services. And it works wonders. That’s why there are billion-dollar corporations, right. And so that’s marketing languaging used to influence us.

And there is an entire field that uses marketing and languaging to manipulate us. And that’s in the field of so-called health care. There’s no health in that care. It’s crisis care, let’s call it what it is. 

Are you using the ‘power of language‘ intentionally, unintentionally, consciously, or unconsciously? Either way, you are using it. So this is an invitation to engage in the process consciously for yourself, especially stop self-abusing, with words against yourself with language against yourself. And definitely stop doing it to others. And then stop letting others do it to you, especially the establishments because they intentionally use confusing language to get people to take action. And it’s really out of integrity because it’s not honest, it’s not clean.

For instance, like this, right? Remember basic physics, cause, and effect? Cause and effect, that’s a law. There is no law in physics that says cause-effect & side effect, that’s psychological manipulation through language. For instance, somebody takes aspirin for a headache, and their headache goes away. the desired outcome. Somebody takes aspirin for a headache, and their kidneys malfunction, and now they’re on dialysis. oops side effect, bummer. That’s not what they wanted to happen.

And so through the power of language, they soften the blow of this direct trauma. Remember cause-effect, there is no such thing as cause-effect & side effect, but it’s used to manipulate via language.

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