What’s the power of a REAL decision?


Let’s talk about commitment.

WOW, how many times I’ve ‘committed’, but didn’t really commit? That’s because I gave ‘words’ to the action of committing. And I had a good intention. But as you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Let’s talk about what occurs when we really commit when we’ve made a decision. Now let’s break that down, to decide. The Latin of decision, to decide = is actually to kill or cut off.  Examples: pesticide, homicide, suicide)

When we cut off all other choices, (as one of my teachers says) “There is no plan B for your A-game”. When we make that level of a decision, when we cut off all their options, we don’t give ourselves an out, it gets done. That ‘thing’ becomes the only option.

That’s the only possibility. You have eradicated all the other options.

There’s an old story about this king who was planning on taking over a neighboring island.  And when he and all the warriors landed on the island, once all the warriors got off their ships and up onto the island, he ordered all of the ships to be burned. And all the warriors were like, what are you nuts?
And he basically said, either take over the island or die? He removed all the other options.

So think about when you’re committing to something. Going out to eat, okay, doesn’t require that level of commitment. However, when you’re committing to somebody in your life, when you’re committing to a vocation. When you’re committing to healing yourself when you’re committing to uplevel your life, well-being, family, and community. When you’re committing to take a stand for something that is immensely and innately true for you.

It requires that level of resolution, that level of resolute to commit to decide to cut off all other options. This is it. So I support you to make a decision, to decide to quit waiting for someday, to quit waiting for the day when this is right and that’s right, and you have the white picket fence and you have the right weight. And all the other BS we tell ourselves.

Decide now that you’re going to uplevel and I invite you to join me on my last retreat ‘Meeting Your True Self‘ in this beautiful location on August 1-7, 2021

If so, fill out the application. Join me I’d love to have you. Hey, this retreat serves everybody but not everybody is ready for this retreat. This is a real deal, high-end, off-the-charts experience.

Until next time…

Abundant blessings (make the decision)




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