09: 90 sec’s to a life you love- interview with Dr. Joan Rosenberg-part 2

In Part 2 of my interview with Best-selling author, consultant, media host, and master clinician, Dr. Joan Rosenberg we take a deep dive into The 90 sec formula= One choice, eight feelings for 90 seconds.

The one choice is to be aware, versus avoiding. To stay present. See we do pleasant well. We need to lean into the unpleasant.

The key is to be able to stay present and ‘tolerate’ the eight pleasant feelings. Why eight? Because they are the most common feelings we experience when things don’t turn out our way.

The eight are:

We also address conscious vs non-conscious vulnerability and how it can create the state of feeling most alive and cause us to be at our greatest strength.

Engaging in negative self-talk, harsh self-criticism.

Thought suppression, ‘trying not to know what you know’ and the paradoxical reaction, and much more.

You can reach Dr. Joan Rosenberg at:

Watch Dr. Joan’s Tedx Talk https://youtu.be/EKy19WzkPxE 

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