12: The Healing Power of Breath with Sean Coakley

Sean’s passion is to help people free themselves of the negative patterns and mental constructs that have been holding them back to create a life full of freedom and passion.
Today, Sean is a highly sought-after performance breathing coach with over 30 years of teaching and coaching experience in yoga, breathwork, quantum biology, and mind state psychology.

An avid athlete in his younger years, Sean was a division one scholarship soccer player and a competitive Cat 2 cyclist until he experienced several life-changing and physical traumas, including a cervical and lumbar fracture.
He credits breathwork, yoga, mind-state practices, and a variety of other modalities that brought him from a state of constant pain and depression to a life full of passion and soulful peace.

With formal studies and degrees in public health, epidemiology, nutritional biochemistry, Sean has strong qualifications and insights that blend art and science in a way that benefits all of his clients, whether they are chasing gold medals, preparing for the navy seals, struggling, or recovering from pain or illness, and sometimes, more importantly, simply coping with the stress of everyday life.

Sean is the owner and creator of BreathFLO, a high-performance breath training company based in Vero Beach, Florida, and a master instructor for Airofit.

In this episode, we cover: Breath, Breath-holding, Pain -a gift or curse, The detriment of ‘Lables’ and prognoses, Limiting beliefs, PTSD especially concerning veterans, and more… Join us.

Sean Coakley

Instagram: @breathflo and @airofit_sport