16: Cloe’s story

Hello beautiful people. Lou Corleto here, thanks for desiring to know about Chloe’s story and the transformation she went through, that’s possible for all of us.

So when I first met Chloe, she came to one of my trainings. And when she shared a story, I knew we had to work together. So she hired me to do some private one-on-one, we did some intensive training and work with her.

And her story went like this… she wanted so badly to become a mother. Yet, for years she couldn’t conceive. she went to all the experts and everybody told her that you’re not going to be able to conceive, you will not have children. So that affected her personally, obviously, it affected her relationship with her husband. And then it started to impact her functionality in our business.

We got together and we did some intense work with her mindset, getting her head straight, clearing out her psychology, giving her new strategies to work with. We worked with her body to clear out some energy patterns that were stuck in her ‘bodies’ and tensions that were affecting her proper physiology.

So fast-forwarding just less than a year after we met, Chloe became pregnant, and then gave birth to a beautiful, gorgeous little girl. She’s the proud mother of two children today and has a strong vibrant relationship with her husband.

She is also meeting all of her success goals, high levels of success for herself and her business. So Chloe is rocking it.

Why? Because she dared to stick with the vision that she knew she could be a good mother. So she did what many of my clients have done, which is to prove the experts wrong. ‘And they say you can’t do it”. And she said, No, no, no, no, no, we just have to find the right strategies, the right way, that people with the right tools.

So Chloe did it and so can you.

Now, I want to give you three strategies that you can apply to your life, so you can uplevel your life as well.

#1 is about up-leveling the energy you can carry throughout the day because to achieve your dreams and to change your life, you need more energy, right.
#2 is a mindset, our psychology.
#3 will be around productivity.

#1- one of the greatest ways to clear out traumas, wounds, memories, and it’s free, is using your breath. And for people who have never tapped into the understanding of what breath and breathwork can do, It sounds kind of silly.

However, when you volitionally pull in more oxygen with a deeper breath, you’re filling up the bottom of your lungs where the gas exchange occurs where the oxygen gets pulled into the bloodstream. So you’re going to get oxygen = energy.  Yes, you’re going to get more energy that way, but you’re going to get more prana, lifeforce. So every time you breathe in, yes, you’re getting oxygen but you’re bringing in more life force, so you’re vitalizing your body.

#2- mindset shift (psychology), check into your limited thinking, we all have it. Ex: you went to art class as a kid and they said don’t draw outside the lines. How many times did you hear NO growing up? Or hear you’re not a good singer, you’re not a good dancer. So we heard all of these limitations and negativities about what we are and what we’re capable of. And it’s nonsense.

But now it takes some work to override those patterns. So check into your limited thinking, limited belief structures, your fears, and your lacks, because it’s just a mind virus.

#3-productivity, I can get more done in less time. First of all, reclaim your day. Because of cell phones and technology, or computers we are supposed to be available 24 seven, right? Meaning we’re not supposed to be, but society has put that upon us to be available “24/7”. Therefore first thing in the morning, we grab the phone or the computer and we look at email, what’s inside of every email you open up someone else’s agenda, not yours. Don’t do that. When you wake up, take care of yourself first. Drink water, get a good meal, move your body, stretch your body, breathe- diaphragmatic breathing.

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