18: Your ‘DNA’ with Jeffrey Watts

Your DNA (Divine Natural Abilities) with Jeffrey Watts

In this episode my guest speaker will dive into the three questions for creating clarity:

  1. ) First, you must be clear on “who you are”?
  2. ) Then you’ll need to answer, “Do I know what I want”?
  3. ) And finally “Do I know how to get what I want”?

He’ll show you that the essence of creating clarity is generated by the questions that we ask. It’s great to have a dream but if you don’t have a plan to achieve it, it’s not going to occur.

We’ll also discuss the energy required to achieve your dreams and goals.
We’ll tap into “What is driving you”?

Jeffrey will brilliantly teach The four metrics of success:

  1. ) Happiness- How much are you enjoying what you do every day?
  2. ) Achievement- Are you moving in the right direction?
  3. ) Significance- are you having positive effects on the lives of the people that you love?
  4. 4) Legacy- Did you make the world a better place while you were in it?

How to use ‘block time’, as it is imperative, to put deposits into these four metrics on a regular basis.

What is the monster/ story inside you that must be fed?
Because eventually the monster takes over and the monster always destroys.

Why and how you need to ‘master the monster’, and much more…

Grab a beverage of your choice and a pen and paper and join us on the journey into YOUR DNA- Divine Natural Abilities.

Mr. Jeffrey Watts, Executive Mentor – Business Advisor – Chief Catalyst can be reached at www.BeyondExpert.Biz
phone is 954-833-8886