19: Your Path To Empowerment

  1. Your Path To Empowerment

    Four internationally renowned motivational speakers share rewarding insights. These speakers are from the Les Brown platinum speakers. Dr. Lou Corleto, Mr. Wade Randolph, Mr. Allen McDougall, and Dr. Richard Busch.

    Allan McDougall starts us off and shares his expertise around loss and grief. He addresses the longest highway in the world- 18 inches- from our head to our heart.

    The five stages of grief:
    1) denial
    2) anger
    3) the bargaining stage
    4) depression
    5) acceptance.

    Mr. Wade Randolph starts with the acronym BEST.
    Be- believe yourself.
    E- embrace your uniqueness
    S- service.
    It has been said that the service is the rent we pay for our time on Earth. Are you behind on your rent?
    T- stands for time

    How are you using the TIC TOCs of your life?
    Who do you count on in your life and who do you need To count out of your life?

    Boundaries. People either want a hand up or a handout

    Dr. Rick Bush shares the success formula.
    1) willingness to take a risk. Without risk, there’s no gain. Do you see obstacles or opportunities
    2) initiative until you start nothing happens
    3) commitment to be unstoppable for your goals.
    4) persevere, keep moving in the right direction.

    Wrapping up, Allan McDougall reminds us of Og Mandino

1) know yourself

2) count your blessings.

3) go another mile.

4) Use wisely your power of choice

Allan McDougall http://www.ampublicspeaking.com/ 

WADE RANDOLPH https://randolphunlimited.net/ 

Dr. Rick Busch https://buschchiropractic.com/ 

Dr. Lou Corelto https://www.loucorleto.com/