24: Who You BE?

Who You Be with Wade Randolph

In this episode we cover:

The 4 stages of growth

1) things happen to me (victim mentality)
2) things happen by me
3) things happen for me
4) things happen thru me

#1) Decide who you are, who you be.
Decide who you will be in this moment… And from this moment forth is your life.

#2) What am I here to give to others

* Will your life be an example or a warning to others?
* If you’re currently going through hell don’t stop.
* Is the current challenge you are in going to be a learning ground or a burial ground?

Meet Wade Randolph “The More Guy” Wade Randolph is CEO of Randolph Unlimited Professional Speaker & Training Company.

His company specializes in leadership, teamwork, sales and motivation. Mr. Randolph is the author of the books, Staying Strong Through the Storm and Leadership-911: How to Lead During Times of Change, Challenge and Chaos. Furthermore, he is the co-author of Amazons’ number #1 bestselling book titled World Class Speaking in Action. 

For the past 12 years, Wade has traveled throughout the United States teaching business professionals strategies to improve their personal and professional performance. On the platform, he is known as “The More Guy,” because he teaches from the beliefs that people can do almost anything if they improve their mindset, skillset and compassion for other people.

Wade shares this exercise with his clients when they are in a rough place. “Write down the 10 steps to awesomeness”. The things you’ve already been through and made it on the other side.

We also address Leadership in these challenging times. John Quincy Adams on leadership, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
Cicely Tyson on paying it forward.
And much more…

You can reach Wade Randolph at wade@themoreguy.com  or info@randolphunlimited.com .
Connect with him on Facebook at wade.randolph1  or  www.linkedin.com/in/waderandolph1 

You can receive a free leadership gift from Wade by texting the code EZJIK75110 to the number 313131 to receive a free chapter from the book Leadership-911; How to Lead During Times of Change, Challenge, and Chaos.

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