27: A way out of fear

A way out of fear

Remember, wherever you are, you can always change, improve, and up-level. It’s a choice. A choice to be intentional. whichever domain that you’re in if it’s in your career, your health, your relationships, finances, etc.

In this episode, I’ll cover:
• Managing your environment
• How to stay calm during times of chaos
• The imperative to simplify your life
• Focus on the things that enliven your
• Languaging- to self-first and then to others
• and the All-important Breath. When experience negative stress your breath gets shallow, physiology creates body chemistry and hormones that tear you down. Breathing with a slow exhale activates the parasympathetic nerve system and takes you out of fight or flight and slows your heartbeat and pulse and reduces anxiety.

Remember who you be and that you always have the capacity to choose!
Start by taking back control of your life.
Focus on personal empowerment. Be congruent with your core beliefs.
Align with what sparks your soul. Focus on those things that create enlivenment- be they intellectual, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Engage in meaningful pursuits, hang out with good people.

People ask what should I do with my life now? Start every day by striving to be the best you can be. You get to choose how you show up. Monitor yourself talk. You know that old adage “you would hate me if I spoke to you the way you speak to yourself in those quiet moments”. Get control of your thoughts.

Remember, you can’t move forward if you’re still tethered to the past. Stop minimizing yourself. You are amazing even if you currently choose not to see it.

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