48: Information asymmetry

Information asymmetry-basically means when one party has much more information than the other party. And right now information asymmetry is way out of balance for most people.
One of the places this occurs most often is in ‘healthcare’. Listen to this episode and I’ll explain.

You can listen to information with your head, you can also listen with your heart and listen with your whole field.  Because we all have a built-in BS meter. Most people just quit using it. 

As one of my teachers used to say, “think dammit, think”. Versus letting other people tell you how to think (because that’s how the world is being run right now. )

Let the experts tell you how to think. And these experts or government agencies don’t have your best interests at heart either, which is one reason they create information asymmetry.

For instance, let’s look at something like social distancing thru the eyes of a science called interpersonal neurobiology. These expert psychologists, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists, all gel in this field and they talk about the mind as not being located in the cranium. The mind is twofold, what they call embodied and embedded. Embodied meaning it runs throughout the entire physical body, physiological body. Embedded means out in the field socially. We’re social creatures, when we don’t have that embedded interaction, we suffer neurologically. Proven!

They can measure this through brain studies. And psychologically as well, which unfortunately is too apparent. Look around the world, look at the increase in suicides and abuses of children, women, and other folks, because of losing social interaction, and being locked up in your house for too long. At a neurological and psychological level, it’s not healthy, 
in another area, the population of The United States is only 5% of the world’s population 5%. Yet, the USA takes 75% of the prescribed drugs in the world. 5% of the total population consumes 75% of the drugs. 

Where did that come from? How come we’re so special? Where did we get the accolades for that distinction? 
Because we’ve been fed some stories that are really unhealthy for us, but people keep buying into it. 

Are you aware that 1/3 of ALL of the drugs that the FDA has approved are then later pulled off the shelf? 1/3 That’s a lot. That means somehow they were originally okay but when they were then tested in the marketplace, and people were dying, or became really ill, the same drugs that were once ‘safe’ are no longer safe. 

Dr. Dan Siegel, MD, who began the science of interpersonal neurobiology was talking about a study where they had a bunch of people who had the flu or had colds, and those that received empathy, (back to the mind being embedded) healed faster than the people who have the same cold or flu, who did not receive any empathy. They did not heal as fast. And this was reproduced,

Be mindful of where you put your blind faith across the border. It’s either your life and you’re running it, or it’s not and somebody else is. I support you to reclaim the reins of your life because it is your life. And if you give over the power of your life to someone else, they’re gonna run it the way they think it’s supposed to be run. If they’re right, great. If they’re not, you’re gonna pay the consequences. 

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