50: Mindfulness in the cyber world

Mindfulness in the cyber world?

YES, especially so, and Sandra Estok, MBA, GIAC-GSLC, CIPM, Founder of Way2Protect™ will share how, as she utilizes her 20-plus years of experience in cybersecurity, IT, and Data Privacy industries.

Let her inspire you to overcome your fears of the cyber world and protect what matters most against hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters™.

She’ll do so with a simple yet profound 3 step process she calls “Be I AM” Sandra will teach you these three choices- Be intentional, Be aware, Be mindful, and how to apply them to:
Avoid identity theft
stop you from inadvertently giving away your personal/ private information and much more

You can reach Sandra Estok @ https://sandraestok.com/ 

Wacth Her new TEDx TALK here https://youtu.be/v46TAoZl1XI 


Twitter URL: twitter.com/way2protect 

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