Be the ONE

Our message in this episode to everyone is- BE THE ONE.
Be the one that says, stop the nonsense.
Be the one that makes the mark in your family. Be the one that says, enough of this crap, enough of this dissatisfaction of feelings, this limited life, this, I’m going to sit in the stands and watch everybody else play in the arena and not get in the arena.

Be the one that people talk about.
Be the one that stands up for what’s right, be the one that stands up for what’s good and what’s true. Despite who is there be the one that has the guts to stand up for justice and what’s right.
Be that one.

Because we’re in a state where people are so afraid, to be honest, people are so afraid to be authentic.
We are not saying go and jump in people’s faces, but stand up for what’s right. Stand up for what’s true. And what’s honest.
Be That One that generations beyond your lifetime talk about and say, wow, they made a stand. Be that one!

My guest shares his journey from leaving the continent he was born and raised to another for a better life.

* We’ll ask you do you experience anxiety Sunday?
* We’ll remind you to remember that your current circumstances might be where you are but it’s not who you are
* We’ll remind you to Live a life true to yourself * We’ll show you how to Own your morning
* We’ll add a definition to Integrity- get your heart right
* We’ll remind you that You are the captain of your ship- it is your job

Joseph Arthur has consistently exceeded expectations during his formative and professional years, to what many would describe him today as an “over-achiever.”

For the last decade, Joseph worked as a successful trusted financial analyst at a Chicago-based global management consulting firm, where he was known as the go-to lead for challenging initiatives as a result of his high-performance standards. When he wasn’t burning the midnight oil, Joseph spent his time focused on Health & Business coaching, a lifestyle that eventually led to low energy and burnout.

Knowing he had to make a change, Joseph evaluated his life’s plan and sought tools and programs that would help him create sustainability and balance in all areas of his life.

In 2019, he left his job and comfortable income as a trusted financial analyst to become an entrepreneur.

Joseph spends his time in Strategic Consulting with organizations along with Mentorship in the E-Commerce space.

Joseph claims to be a retired Chicagoan who now lives in Tampa, Florida.

you can contact Joseph O Arthur @ 

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