Can I really heal from PTSD? with JP deLange

My guest for today was a career Army officer, a devoted husband and father, who spent 45 years serving his country and the elite units like the Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, the 25th injury division in Hawaii, with more than two dozen deployments to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Kosovo, the Philippines and Haiti. He witnessed the effects of extreme human suffering around the world, firsthand.

And 2018 When John Paul, or JP deLange, was diagnosed with the worst kind of PTSD.

He was in denial, “How could this happen to me?”, he wondered. But simultaneously, JP saw it as a gift and thoughts of PTSD never entered his mind. 

Now, as a Certified High Performance Coach, and a Radical Forgiveness Coach, he’s deeply committed to excellence in helping people dig deeper into achieving consistently higher levels of fulfillment, success, and life satisfaction.

He studied the neuroscience of PTSD. He has researched psychology, physiology, and spirituality, to understand what happens in the mind and body when we experience a traumatic event. 

In this episode, we unpack how Radical Forgiveness can be an important step in healing from PTSD. 

We explore:

  • The #1 reason traumatic stress is in the shadows in western culture and how that shapes our personal narrative

  • How Radical Forgiveness can speed up your healing process

  • 5 health benefits of doing Radical Forgiveness work

  • The #1 way we can bring PTSD into the light and promote healing on a larger scale

  • And much more

JP shared the social impacts, public policy, and stigmas surrounding PTSD. What he discovered was stunning…

  • 220 Veterans will commit suicide in the United States over the next ten days

  • About 8,000 will take their life before the end of this year

  • It’s not just the service member that suffers. Families feel the pain from its effects too

  • The divorce rate among members of the military is higher than any profession (60%)

  • 11-20% of service members who served in Iraq or Afghanistan have PTSD

  • 55% of women 38% of men have experienced sexual harassment in the military

  • Trauma that is witnessed can be just as damaging as trauma that is experienced

It was an honor and pleasure to speak with JP and I’m sure you will benefit from this conversation!

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