Conscious Breathing: Pranayama

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This is a continuation from an episode called Eight Limbs of Yoga with my guest, Lydie Ometto. Today we’re going to focus on one limb of yoga, and that is pranayama, or conscious breathing.

Lou: So why is breath so important to you?

Lydie: Well, first is important because I’m alive. Breath is life. It’s important for me to ground. It’s important for me to be present in the moment. It’s important for me to connect to nature. As I am breathing, I’m breathing her, nature. So for me, breath is life.

Prana means life force, while pranayama is the management of breath, or life force.

In this episode Lydie and I explore:

  • Moving and directing energy in nerve system

  • The fastest way to access the autonomic nervous system

  • Basics of breathing:  diaphragmatic breathing and the 1-to-2 ratio

  • The distinctions between nasal, mouth, chest, and belly breathing

  • Utilizing the diaphragm in its full capacity

  • Why the best detox can be learning how to breath properly

  • The power of breath to manage and eliminate physical pain

  • The effect of breath on the mind and meditation

  • Accessing memories through conscious breathing

  • A technique for cooling down the temperature of your body by breathing

  • And so much more!

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Abundant Blessings,