Decoding the map in your hands with Pamelah Landers

Pamelah Landers has been reading hands for more than 30 years.
Using the science-based system of Hand Analysis, Pamelah is a leading expert in her field. Having read over 50,000 hands and published 15 books in printed and e-book format as well as audios on this subject, she is the #1 international best-selling author of hand analysis products and one of the two top hand analysts in the world.

One of Pamelah’s unique contributions to decoding hand markings into a practical expression is applying mythology. Applying this skill, Pamelah supports companies, groups, and individuals to gain tangible clarity about their design, permission to express themselves based on their hand markings, and honoring the gifts provided through decoding that physical map that you carry with you all the time.

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