Experience True Resolution: Complete the Healing Process

A little over a week ago, we finished one of our high end events, The Art of Living Experience. 

And as we were walking with the group through the woods, we were looking at some of the 90-100 foot trees. There were a couple trees that were dying – these huge strong trees.

What was killing them were vines.

Compared to the size of the tree, the vines were pretty small…

But it was insidious. Over time, the vines were sucking the life out of the tree.

It was astonishing to see.

When we first bought the property, I was walking with a forester and we came across some of these vines. He proceeded to tell me exactly how to manage them, so that the trees didn’t die. 

There is a specific height at which to cut the vine, or else the plant actually grows new tendrils and reroots itself back into the ground and continues it’s parasitic action. I learned the process and engage in the feat of getting all the dead vines down as well…

What is there to learn from this dynamic in nature – where smaller vines can kill a huge tree?

What do you have in your life that is sucking your life energy?

How can you engage in resolving the root cause AND complete the clean up process?

All of us have experiences – people, places, traumas, etc. that if unresolved, they can rob our life force from us.

At some unconscious level, we are feeding these “vines” our life force and it robs us from truly thriving.

This episode will encourage and empower you to take inventory and take charge of your healing process so that you can experience true resolution – and THRIVE!

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