Feeling Better vs Better Feeling

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Everybody wants to feel better. And that’s a beautiful thing, something you should continually aspire to, for sure. 

However, let’s get clear on how that works and the difference between “feeling better” and “better feeling”.

We’ve grown up in a society where feeling better has been driven by some form of sedation. We don’t like the way we feel so we suppress our feelings.

However, if we don’t feel our feelings, do we FEEL better?

Better feeling means being present with what you’re feeling. You’re better able to feel.

Because here’s the thing – in the unpleasant feelings there’s also a massive amount of life, growth, healing, and opportunity.

In this episode we explore:

  • How the goal of feeling better may lead to self-deception and denial of the underlying issues

  • How sedation prevents healing

  • How to increasing your emotional bandwidth

  • Pain’s primary function in helping us grow and heal

  • The correct way to respond to emotions so we can release them

  • Healthy ways of better feeling our experience

  • And much more!

“We can’t heal what we can’t feel.”

So, how about you? What are you feeling? What are you numbing? 

I encourage you to face all of your feelings because on the other side of them is a brighter, more aligned, joyful life.

Up to you! 🙏

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Until next time ~ remember who you are, and may you be abundantly blessed,