Genius Frequency with Dr. Brian Lumb

I’m thrilled to share the wisdom of Dr. Brian Lumb, D.C. with you today.

We go way back (almost 3 decades!) and share the same intention in this world – to help souls heal, thrive, and shine in who they are.

Today we’re talking about “Genius Frequency” which is Brian’s methodology for awakening consciousness.

Good stuff!

Dr. Brian Lumb is a pioneer in embodiment technologies and a maverick lover of the human body as a conduit of consciousness and home to Spirit. Having spent the past 28 years perfecting his craft, Brian is a consummate artist with the focus and curiosity of a scientist.

He has worked with Jaiya Sex Expert and Tony Robbins of personal development and coaching fame and other industry leaders, providing them with his stellar brand of spinal magic.

In the past five years he birthed a new methodology—Genius Frequency—met his love, co-conspirator and now wife, Chelsea Rae. Together they are creating Genius Frequency Methodologies, Genius Generation, their mentorship for entrepreneurs and life leaders, and launching Genius Frequency Methodologies to the world in 2023. Brian’s most important feat has been co-parenting his 6 year old son Maxwell who is also his spiritual sensei and joy coach. 

In this episode we explore:

  • What appeared to Brian in a dream about the 6 essential elements of nature

  • How to embody the 6 elements in balance

  • How we can bring the indigenous wisdom and technological wisdom together and create something new

  • How dark energies are here to wake us the f*ck up and give us courage

  • What “turn the other cheek” really means for light workers

And more…

Quotes from Brian in this amazing discussion:

“Know when to hold the sword of truth and don’t be afraid to swing it.”

“The people who are here in support of the wholeness of humanity are going to need to support the people who have been running dark energy.”

Here’s where you can find Brian and work with him:

Instagram: @geniusfrequency

It was my honor and pleasure to bring this episode to you.

As always – here’s to your greatness!

Abundant Blessings,


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