Life By Your Design


Today’s episode comes to you LIVE from a beautiful small island in the Bahamas. And this environment is ideal because this episode is all about living life by your design.

Last week I was facilitating an amazing group of ChiropracTORs from all over Europe in Barcelona, Spain. Afterward, I drove to the north at the border with France to go skydiving. Now I’m supporting my partner in her retreat diving with wild dolphins. 

I’m reflecting on how I achieved this – how I designed my life and how I support others around the world to do the same.

I grew up as one of nine kids. So if we went anywhere on a vacation, we didn’t go far.

Eleven people in the station wagon driving down the highway, somebody screaming, “we gotta go to the bathroom!” And since there’s 11 people in the car, you don’t stop every time someone has to go to the bathroom – you pass around an old peanut butter jar or something like that, so that we can get to the destination…

Great times and amazing experiences, for sure.

Yet, as I grew up, I started to see other people traveling, especially as a teenager, and it became a pattern in my mind, “That’s for those people.” 

I had some work to do to overcome that limiting belief about myself – so that I could live life by MY design!

In this episode, we explore:

  • Self-limiting beliefs that keep you playing small

  • How to live life by YOUR design without compromise

  • Lack and limitation in our subconscious mind

  • The stories we tell ourselves that need to be checked

  • How to make the paradigm shift from surviving to thriving

And much more.

Plus hear about an opportunity to join me and a small group of sincere souls, so that you can engage in living YOUR life by YOUR design.

Life By Design
Join us August 25-27, 2023 for a game-changing weekend.

As Always ~ Abundant Blessings!