Managing Your Environment

Today I’m going to focus on ways to ‘manage our environments’ and what we associate with so we can maximize our full potential in life.

When I got a grasp on how to manage my environment years ago, it became a game changer for me and my clients that I share with.

So let’s discuss! Because if you don’t manage your environment, your environment manages you. 

We can break it down into two components: the internal and the external environment.

This episode is going to help you with your internal environment by looking at these key elements:

  • Do you have a guard at the gate of what you allow into your consciousness, into your inner sanctum?

  • What are you putting into your brain?

  • What are you allowing into your heart?

  • How do you manage your thoughts?

  • How do you speak? What language are you using?

  • What do you put in your temple (your body)?

    • The more foods get processed, the less it is true food!

    • What is the quality and quantity of your water intake?

  • The world of difference between the biological breath and conscious breathing

Likewise, you will gain insights on how to manage your external environment such has:

  • The role of these “smart” phones and devices in our lives!

  • Are the people around you encouraging you to be the best you can be?

  • What is your work environment like and what is your attitude with work?

  • Is your home a true sanctuary?

  • Is your community contributing to your well being and vitality? An are you returning the same?

Do your internal and external environments support your dreams and vision? Because they’re a representation of you…

Be honest with yourself. Take an honest look. And, if you are desiring a thorough overhaul/refresh/reset – join us at Life By Design at the end of August!

You will walk away with clarity, a vision, and a game plan to live YOUR life by YOUR design…

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Until Next Time – Here to Support Your Greatness,