Rewrite Emotional Narratives with Dr. Gary Salyer

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In this incredibly insightful episode, Dr. Gary Salyer joins us for a deep dive into the core themes of his book, “Safe to Love Again.” 

We explore attachment theory, attachment styles, and the potential for individuals to reclaim secure love. 

Dr. Salyer emphasizes the importance of understanding our emotions as “permission slips” – guiding our choices and experiences.

Join us as we discuss…

  • The four attachment styles and how they shape your approach to love and connection

  • Dr. Salyer’s recommendations for those with anxious or avoidant attachment styles to rediscover a sense of security and emotional well-being

  • How your emotions guide your life and relationships

  • How early feelings are etched in your brain’s amygdala, influencing your sense of safety and empowerment

  • How your brain processes information, shaped by encoded feelings, and its impact on your experiences

  • The brain’s natural tendency to focus on threats and its role in perception

  • How emotions and experiences leave bioenergetic imprints in your body and their importance in well-being

  • Harnessing the transformative potential of breath to shift from fight or flight to a state of calm and safety

  • How connecting to your higher self provides a pathway to empowerment and change

  • A sneak peek into Dr. Salyer’s upcoming 5 day challenge and online course

Dr. Salyer’s work offers profound insights and it was such a pleasure to speak with him! Stay connected with him here:

Here are the links to the first episode with Dr. Gary Salyer and the overview of the context we dove deeper into on the current episode:

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Watch on Youtube here.

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