scuba, perception and consciousness?

What can scuba diving teach us about perception and consciousness?

What is the difference between actuality vs reality?

What are our perceptions based on?

You construct it based on how you choose to see the world. That construction is influenced by several factors. Influences on perception include past experiences, education, values, culture, preconceived notions, and present circumstances. In the end, the perception you construct becomes your reality.

Perception is an unconscious process where you take in sensory information from your environment and use that information in order to construct your own version of reality.

“Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change.”- Wayne Dyer

Influences on perception include:
• Past experiences
• Assumptions and Expectations
• Character traits
• Education
• Childhood upbringing
• Self-concept
• Culture
• Faith
• Values
• Preconceived notions
• Present circumstances
* and other factors

When we change our perception we change our reality.

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