Set the Tone for Your Life

Today I’m coming to you from our retreat property. I’m doing some decompression post-retreat, debriefing The Art of Living event, and enjoying some mate tea in the process. 

I wanted to share with you a section that we did a deep dive in, during the retreat.

It’s related to how you show up in the world, and how you can make life easier for you.

Are you the thermometer or the thermostat in your life?

A thermometer measures temperature. If it’s warm, it goes up and if it’s cold it goes down, right?

So it is a measuring device. Its measurement comes from the stimuli of the environment. So just like you and I, we are constantly being stimulated because of our interaction with our environment.

Your environment is everything in your life. The people around you, everything, job, family, nature, cityscapes – wherever you’re at. If things are working for you, meaning your perception that you like it, then you allow yourself happiness, joy, and those positive emotions. 

If things aren’t working for you, because of the stimuli of the environment, then you experience frustration, anger, fear, and sadness. Right? So up, down, up, down. 

“Hey, my friends like me – yay, I feel happy… Oh, they don’t – I feel sad.”

“Oh, my boss is happy with my performance – I am happy… Oh, she’s not – oh, I’m sad.”

That is being a thermometer. It’s an exhausting journey. And I spent many, many decades on that roller coaster because I didn’t know any better.

Yet, now I do. There’s another option. The thermostat experience.

The thermostat sets the temperature of your house.

Similarly, when YOU learn to set the temperature, or tone, for your life – when you learn to become a thermostat, not a thermometer – you can experience joy, peace, and balance no matter what happens in your external environment. 

And life happens… death, divorce, financial devastation, etc. etc.

Remember, life is happening FOR you not TO you.

There are powerful things you can do that set the tone for your life and I discuss them in this episode! 

We discuss the The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz as well as the 3 pillars of my personal and professional life: Conscious Breathing, Conscious, Languaging, and upleveling your nervous system.

Enjoy this episode and if you’d like to create real transformation in your life, check out all the exciting things we’re up to here:

Until next time, abundant blessings and thanks for tuning in!