Showing Up

So let me ask you a couple of questions.

Where does freedom come in for you?

Like how do you define freedom, especially personal freedom? How about autonomy?

In my life, personal autonomy is essential as part of my core values, freedom to be self-governed. To be able to do what I want, when I want, where I want with who I want, is critical for me.
I’m not defining that for you, you need to do that. I’ve challenged my life in order to be able to do that. And for the most part, I get to do that every single day. And you can too if that’s something that’s important to you.

Here are a couple of questions that will help:

* When are you going to generate the courage in order to get through your fears, to live the life of your dreams?
* How are you going to generate the energy necessary to fulfill on those dreams when you identify that?
* Who in your life can help you get clear on what you really want? Not what other people want for you. Remember, if you’re not defining your life, someone else’s defining it for you, if you’re not designing your life, someone else is designing it for you. And you’re probably not going to like the outcome of that.

Leave me a comment below about how that’s going to work for you. Like how are you going to show up courageously in your life?

Join me to work on your dreams to make sure they come true and that you’re in an environment that will challenge your BS, right?
to help you get rid of your limiting beliefs because I know that you are amazing.

And I know that you have incredible gifts and skillsets to bring to your life, your people, your family, your culture, but you’re just not hitting those levels that you know you’re capable of. That’s because there’s some faulty programming in there, right?

So, come play, to remove those limiting beliefs in order to get congruent to bring your body-mind, and spirit online.

To fulfill on on your life, what you deserve and what you desire, what you’re capable of, and what the world is waiting on you to show up with.

The TAO-Living Experience May19-22, 2022
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