Skydiving as a Metaphor for Healing

Today, I’m going to share a metaphor for healing with you: Skydiving.

You may or may not know about my passionate obsession for this beautiful sport called skydiving, or how I’m an instructor and facilitator of skydives.

Most people are introduced to skydiving through what’s called “the tandem.” They show up to the drop zone, the place where you skydive, and they watch a safety video. 

Then they’re introduced to their instructor who gives them a couple tips, pointers on what they need to do with their body when they get out of the plane. 

Pretty straightforward, pretty quick process, they get on the plane with their instructor, and the plane goes to altitude.

On the way up, everybody has a unique experience… Some get really nervous. Some are really calm. Everybody goes through their own idiosyncrasies.

But when the door opens, no matter who you are – for your first jump – that’s when everything changes. 

Because when that door opens and everything inside you goes, “What the heck do you think you’re doing?!”

No matter how cool you were or how excited you were – the door is what we call “the equalizer.”

As the tandem client, there’s nobody in front of you. Your instructor is strapped to your back. 

So when you’re looking at the door, your mind is like, “Oh my God, I’m all alone,” — even though this person is behind you, and you can’t move without them.

You’re not alone. Your instructor, who’s done this 1000s of times, is intimately attached to you right through the harness, through clips, and all kinds of stuff. 

They know what’s going on.

They know what’s going to happen next.

They know what to do if there’s an emergency. They’re there for you for your safety period to get you back to the ground safe and sound. 

This is how true healing is meant to be experienced. With a highly trained competent guide who’s been where you are going.

In this episode we break down one of the major barriers to true healing, so you can get the support you need and truly live life full out!

Bottom line: You would definitely benefit from support on the journey.

We ALL do. I know I do!

Don’t forget the support is there!


My stance and my knowing?  

Lydie Ometto and I are that support you’re looking for – and we’ll be facilitating The Art of Living Retreat, May 18-21, 2023. So definitely check that out and jump in if it speaks to you.

Abundant Blessings!