Speak Your Original Language

Before we dive into today’s topic, I’m going to start with a warning.

If you’re not willing to take responsibility for your life, your health or your well being, don’t listen to this episode.

I’m going to unpack some stuff that requires you to do just that. So if you are still living in victim consciousness, where your life is not your responsibility, this episode is not for you.

So that being said, I’m gonna unpack a concept that has been moving through me for years yet it’s refined differently now…

I’m standing for you – each of us – to learn to speak your original language. 

By “original language” I don’t mean your birth tongue, I mean understand how to listen to the messages your innate self is using to get your conscious attention to take appropriate action for healing resolution. Not to shoot the messenger as you have been taught. 

What does the body say to you? Can you hear it? Do you understand it? Can you translate the messages it is giving you to create healing resolution? What about the emotions, and the mind, and soul?

Can you decipher the language your vehicle is speaking to you?

Learn this language!

There are multiple forces in our society trying to keep us from listening to our intuition and the messages coming from within. Our job is to reclaim our responsibility for our life. 100%.

In this episode I draw from several examples of how we lose our “original language” AND how you can relearn.

Listen in to get the motivation and pep talk you need to wake up and get to know yourself in a thorough intimate way. Become fluent!

In support of this pursuit, I have a bunch of free resources, but there’s one that’s on the website right now. It’s called Operator’s Manual for Your Vehicle.

It’s been there for a while, and I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be there. So go grab it while you can.

It’s just four short videos, to help you speak your “native” language, the one between you and you.The other is a free copy of my book Healing vs Curing.

Also, if you hear this in time, in just three weeks, we have a 4-day deep-dive retreat called The Art of Living Retreat. May 18-21, 2023. Check it out: there are only a couple of spaces left.

Thank you for tuning in to the TAO-Living Podcast.

Abundant Blessings.